Your problems are, high Energy Costs and your Carbon Footprint!

We are here to help plan and achieve NetZero using a wide range of tools and expertise which provide energy efficiency, mangement, and carbon emission reduction.

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Bryce Energy Services provides the complete energy and carbon management solution to help your business plan and achieve NetZero. We can give your business the confidence to undertake significant energy projects to ensure the promised outcomes are actually delivered.

To be your business Energy And Carbon Manager for one day a year, or one day a week! as your business needs. We deliver consultations, and formal online training courses on applicable energy topics, energy and carbon audits, to set businesses on the right path to achieve their energy efficiency and carbon neutrality goals.

Let us create a verified carbon offsets portfolio specific to your business requirements.Try our ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems gap analysis tool to understand how close your business processes are to best practice.

Do you wish to learn how we can help plan and achieve NetZero for your business?

Online Carbon and Energy System Calculators

Get a grip on the scale of the problem and solutions! Our calculators allow anyone with some basic information on the business to understand and measure, your Carbon Footprint in tonnes of CO2e, the technical impact and commercial benefits of solar panels and electric vehicle chargers.

Free Estimate of Your Carbon Footprint…

You can quickly determine the carbon footprint for your business to Greenhouse Gas Accounting Protocol. You need to know these numbers for your business!

Find out the Real Cost and Impact for You…

You need to know the likely impact in terms of electrical supply and costs to your business. You may be also happly surprised by the potential £ benefits!

Find out the Real Cost and Impact for You…

You need to know the likely impact in terms of electrical supply and costs to your business. You may be also happly surprised by the potential £ and benefits!

Our Basic Energy and NetZero Reports, a good place to start.

Reduce your energy costs and have a plan available for how your business will achieve NetZero. Our starter reports are ideal for the first pass of understanding, measurement, and planning to address your energy efficiency and carbon footprint. Perfect if your Clients are asking for your Carbon Footprint and plan for #NetZero. otherwise they go to another suppplier than can provide the information!

You will Save on Energy Costs with a System!

An energy management system ensures that your business is always reviewing and improving the use of energy within the business. Start Saving today!

Save Energy Costs by Understanding Your Use.

We can save energy costs and help your energy efficiency journey with an analysis of your business energy use and provide direction for energy savings.

You need a Credible NetZero Plan, Today!

You need a NetZero policy and plan to even qualify for potential work before your price will be looked at! Contact us to ensure you don’t lose sales!

Carbon Offsets, create a verified portfolio for your business.

Carbon Footprint offsets
Carbon Footprint offsets

Don’t wait, start reducing your overall carbon impact today with carbon offsets, address your Fossil Fuel and Scope 3 emissions. We can create a portfolio for your business from a range of certified UK and worldwide carbon offsetting projects.

Start My Portfolio
Carbon Footprint offsets
Training Energy Carbon

Demonstrate your Business Commitment to your NetZero Plan with Formal Training.

Enroll All your Staff (and Clients, and Suppliers!) for our  Online Training Courses to prove to your stakeholders, that your business is really committed, and actually acting to achieve the target of NetZero!

Understand Electricity Use in a Business

This course describes how energy and electricity is used in business and provides suggestions for energy management and reduction.

Carbon Footprint and NetZero

This course is about Carbon Footprint for business and how to measure a business carbon footprint to Accounting protcol using UK conversion.

What is 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide?

This course sets the basics and describes what 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide actually is and use practical examples of energy use.

These are formal courses on the Thinkific training platform. Ideal if you wish to train all your staff on energy and carbon footprint topics to achieve your NetZero ambitions.  Arrange an appointment to discuss how you may demonstrate your business NetZero commitment with staff training.

Eugene Bryce BEng(hons) CEng MIET MAPM MEI

Bryce Energy Services, was established by me in April 2020, to offer independent technical support to all types of businesses on energy efficiency and carbon footprint. We have systems technical support and resource from my Partner businesses for specific customer requirements.

Following my degree at the University of Strathclyde in electrical engineering, I started as a graduate engineer with Rolls Royce – Reyrolle, in Hebburn on the banks of the River Tyne. Since, I have progressed through technical, project management and commercial roles which have given me a broad insight into the needs of businesses with regards their energy management requirements and expectations.

Drop me a line directly, or feel fee to send a LinkedIn connection request, or suggest a time for a no-obligation chat about your business plans to achieve NetZero and how we may help.

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