What is Half-Hourly Electricity Meter Data?

Half Hourly Data HH 00

Half-hourly electricity meter data refers to the detailed and frequent recording of electricity consumption in a specific location, such as a home or business, every half hour. This type of data collection provides a granular view of energy usage patterns throughout the day and over longer periods. Here are key aspects of half-hourly electricity meter data and the advantages of regularly analysing this data:


Description of Half-Hourly Electricity Meter Data

High-Resolution Data: Captures electricity usage in 30-minute intervals, offering a detailed view of when and how much electricity is used.

Time-Specific Insights: Enables the identification of peak usage times, which can vary daily and seasonally.

Advanced Meters: Utilizes smart meters or advanced metering infrastructure to automatically record and transmit data.

Data Granularity: Provides more detailed data compared to traditional monthly readings, revealing short-term fluctuations in energy use.


Advantages of Regular Analysis

Energy Efficiency: Identifies periods of high energy usage, allowing for targeted energy-saving measures.

Cost Management: Helps in understanding and reducing peak demand charges, potentially lowering electricity bills.

Load Shifting: Encourages shifting energy usage to off-peak times, benefiting from lower tariffs and reducing strain on the grid.

Predictive Maintenance: Helps in predicting equipment failures or identifying inefficient appliances by noticing abnormal energy consumption patterns.

Environmental Impact: Assists in reducing carbon footprint by optimizing energy usage and supporting the integration of renewable energy sources.

Customized Energy Solutions: Enables tailored energy solutions and improvements based on specific consumption patterns.

Data-Driven Decisions: Facilitates informed decision-making for both consumers and energy providers in terms of energy management and policy making.


Regular analysis of half-hourly electricity meter data plays a crucial role in modern energy management strategies, offering numerous benefits for cost savings, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Note in the UK half-hourly meters are known as type 00 meters, which is the code on the meter number. This number is on all energy bills, check to confirm your business meter is 00, rather than smaller 04, or 05, type meters. Any issues your energy supplier will be able to advise you directly.

Try our Half Hourly Data Analysis Spreadsheet for your business electricity meter data.



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