UK Electricity Carbon Emissions are Up by 7% in 2023

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Disappointing result, the 2023 carbon reporting conversion factor for UK Electricity has increased by 7% from year 2022 to year 2023. Effectively the tonnes of COe emitted for the same electricity generated, increased by 7% due to increased use of gas and coal generation and less renewables available.

This is important as many businesses are relying on the rapid reduction and ultimate decarbonisation of the UK electricity supply to achieve their NetZero ambitions.

This increase in the UK Electricity factor is similarly reflected in the emission factors for EVs and Hybrid vehicles, therefore increasing the carbon impact of those vehicles.

Hopefully it is a blip in the statistics and additional solar and wind generation will soon be connected. However, businesses cannot become complacent and expect the power grid to do all the heavy lifting to NetZero. Energy efficiency measures and where possible self-renewable generation should still be high on your agenda.

UK Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2023 –

These emission conversion factors are for use by UK and international organisations to report on 2023 greenhouse gas emissions to establish their carbon footprint.


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