A Poem for NetZero

A poem for NetZero. After yesterday’s #NetZero announcements from the UK Gov, I felt depressed, angry, and rather frustrated. I decided to sleep on it before posting comments. This morning I decided the best response was through a poem. I hope it reflects the response of many.


A Poem for NetZero 2050

On a winding road, we embarked with care,

Seeking swift arrival, a destination rare.

Our driver lacks a map, a guide, a chart,

As we navigate this journey, a daring start.


But fate’s twist, an unforeseen mishap,

The car, it crashes, with a resounding slap.

Blaming the bumps, our driver does insist,

Yet, it’s time to emerge, from this chaotic twist.


Take charge of the voyage, it’s now your command,

Reignite the purpose, firmly take a stand.

Remind yourself why this journey you pursue,

The price of failure, the goals you’ll accrue.


For beyond the wreckage, amid the strife,

Lie treasures of learning, the tapestry of life.

The benefits of the journey, in each mile you tread,

A wealth of experiences, in which you’ll be led.


With a spirit renewed and vision anew,

Forge onward with purpose, and success in view.

In the end, you’ll reap rewards, so fair,

For reaching your destination, with determination to spare.



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