Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

christmas song

Merry Christmas! It’s the end of another year, time to thank all our clients, partners, suppliers, and contractors for their valuable support during the year. It has been a very interesting year with random projects coming from out of the blue that will be my focus for 2024.

My ‘Christmas Message’ to all trying to move towards netzero, keep the faith, I do feel that momentum is building and progress will be seen!

So, wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


For a bit of fun, here’s a Christmas carol about renewable energy, set to the tune of the classic “Jingle Bells”. For all the family to sing to the neighbours.


Verse 1:

Dashing through the snow, in a solar-powered sleigh,

O’er the fields we go, laughing all the way.

Wind turbines spin so bright, making spirits light,

Oh, what fun it is to sing a renewable song tonight!



Oh, solar panels, windmills, ringing out so clear,

Oh, what joy it brings to know clean energy’s here!

Solar panels, windmills, making spirits bright,

Oh, what fun it is to dream of a green future tonight!


Verse 2:

Hydro powers flow, from rivers deep and wide,

With each wave and blow, we’re filled with green pride.

Geothermal heat, from deep within the earth,

Brings us cozy warmth and lights our hearths.



Oh, water streams, earth’s warmth, gifts from nature’s hand,

Cheers to the green dreams, spreading across the land!

Water streams, earth’s warmth, let’s shout it out with glee,

Renewable energy for you and me!


Verse 3:

Let’s reduce our waste, and recycle with care,

In this festive haste, let’s be eco-aware.

Gifts of love and peace, on this joyful day,

But let’s not forget, green’s the better way.



Oh, clean and green, so keen, let’s make this vow tonight,

To keep our planet clean and treat it right!

Clean and green, so keen, under the Christmas light,

Merry, eco-friendly Christmas, what a sight!



So here’s a Christmas wish, as we sing out loud,

For a sustainable world, of which we can be proud.

Let’s spread this cheer, each and every year,

Happy green holidays, filled with renewable cheer!


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