You need to know your business carbon footprint in tonnes of CO2e!

With this carbon footprint calculator, evaluate your business carbon footprint in actual tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, and be able to describe it in terms of the greenhouse gas account protocol, and then have a plan to actually address it. Customers will require this of their Suppliers as PPN-06/21!

This calculator will enable you to make an estimate of your business carbon footprint to Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 of the greenhouse gas accounting protocol.   If you feel stuck, visit our free training courses or please make an appointment and we will be happy to help!

3 Simple Steps to Your Carbon Footprint…

  1. Watch the short ‘How-To’ instruction video.
  2. Enter your business Details in the calculator below.
  3. Get Your Carbon Footprint to Scope 1, 2, and 3.

Allow yourself 20 to 30 minutes to complete the steps.

You will need details of your business for a 12 month period, ideally your last accounting period. Details include electricity and gas bills, miles traveled, water use, waste created, turnover with suppliers. See our data collection document.

Following completion, you can get the carbon footprint report to your email, including all the units entered, the greenhouse gas conversion factors, and your carbon footprint detailed to Accounting Protocol Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3.

See an example of our Carbon Footprint Report Email.

This is the instruction video for the Carbon Footprint Calculator

£20.00 + VAT for 12 months unlimited use including all Email Reports

For one payment, you can use the calculator as often as you like and have as many email reports as you need for 3 months. This will allow you time to gather your business details, enter into the calculator, and understand the carbon footprint result.

What Happens Now?

  1. You will be directed to PayPal for the payment process. No payment details are taken or recorded on this website.
  2. Following payment, you will then be redirected to the calculator and if requested, sent an email with your VAT receipt.
  3. Then download our data collection document to help you gather the required business information and data.
  4. After, If you have any questions please email or make an appointment to chat.
  5. Visit our Free Online Training Courses and learn about carbon footprint, solar panels, EV charging, and energy management.