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Carbon footprint and NetZero topics.

Understanding Carbon Offsets in Carbon Reporting Standards: PAS, GHG Protocol, SECR, and More

As climate change becomes an increasingly pressing issue, businesses around the world are looking to [...]

Understanding One Tonne of CO2e in Real Life

Climate change is an urgent global challenge, and to address it, we need to understand [...]

Understanding Scope 3 GHG Emissions: A Bakery’s Journey from Cradle to Grave

Scope 3 emissions part of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, are a central focus of environmental [...]

Making Climate Change Personal: How Your Beer Could Be at Risk

Climate change often seems like a distant problem, a spectre on the horizon that’s hard [...]

How Wood Used for Construction Could Have a Negative Carbon Footprint

In the quest for sustainable construction materials, wood emerges as a front-runner with the potential [...]

A Twelve-Month Stretch Above 1.5°C Global Warming Target

In a stark reminder of the escalating climate crisis, recent data reveals that the average [...]

Navigating Scope 3 Information Requests from Customers: A Supplier’s Perspective

Scope 3 information requests. In the contemporary business landscape, the push towards achieving net-zero emissions [...]

The Climate Change Warming Stripe: UK’s Hottest Years on Record

Climate change is an undeniable global crisis, and its effects are becoming increasingly evident with [...]

COP28 UAE – Summary of Climate Conference

COP28 Climate Conference. COP28 Climate Conference, held in Dubai, concluded with a significant decision to [...]

Carbon Footprint of Cruises: Analysis and the Path Towards Greener Waters

Cruising, a popular form of vacation, has long been scrutinized for its environmental impact, particularly [...]

Shared Responsibility: Understanding Scope 3 Carbon Emissions in Supply Chains

Introduction As the world grapples with the urgent need to combat climate change, understanding the [...]

A Poem for NetZero

A poem for NetZero. After yesterday’s #NetZero announcements from the UK Gov, I felt depressed, [...]

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