Acting as the Energy And Carbon Manager for your business we will cover the basics of your business energy consumption, efficiency, carbon emissions and footprint, carbon neutral policy and strategy to achieve carbon neutrality as PAS 2060:2014 Carbon Neutrality.

This role may be easily achieved with an intial data collection and survey of your business energy use and carbon emissions, followed by regular reviews and management on a monthly basis. Typically 1 week, mostly on site for the inital data collection followed by two days a month collecting utility bills and tracking progress to agreed targets.

This service is available for any business but ideal for business who may not have spare engineering, project management capacity or necessary skill set. Working as a mentor to one of your staff would ensure that skills are passed and retained within your business.

As your business Energy and Carbon Manager, we can;

  • Evaluate your total energy consumption.
  • Evaluate your business carbon footprint in tCO2e.
  • Provide staff training on energy and carbon.
  • Gather your internal data and resources.
  • Develop an energy efficiency plan.
  • Develop a Carbon Dioxide neutrality route plan.
  • Implement energy efficiency programme.
  • Implement the carbon reduction policy.
  • Review and develop the energy management plan.
  • Implement standard PAS 2060:2014 Carbon Neutrality.
  • Implement ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System.

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