Using the physical layout of the business, understanding the operations and the energy usage data, a remote desk top study of the energy generation options with commercial details, available to your business may be undertaken. Currently for a significant number of businesses, heat pumps are a potential cash positive innvestment with simple payback in less than 5 years.

This service is ideal for a business, within the context of an overall energy management plan, to understand which energy generation technology options are available, to build a business case and equally understand which technologies are a non-starter.​ The output is a fully costed report with NPV, payback and MIRR.

Such technology that can be assessed remotely are; Ground and/or roof mounted Solar Panels, Wind generator, Biomass Heating, Biomass CHP, Gas CHP, Battery Storage and Ground Source Heat Pumps.

The report process is as follows;

  1. Information gathering on your business and operations.
  2. Collection of Utility useage data. Electric / Gas
  3. Identify possible energy projects available.
  4. Enter the data into the award winning OnGen computer system.
  5. Produce a report for each possible energy generation project including commercial values.
  6. Present the report to the business as a basis for an energy project business case.

The OnGen Expert™ acts as a desk based technical and financial feasibility assessment tool for onsite renewables across the UK. The vision behind the OnGen Expert™ was to create a user friendly, quick and accessible way to assess feasibility to improve deployment rates and ultimately help carbon emissions reduction. Considering data inputs and the forecast generation potential, the software optimises to recommend a renewable technology system size that meets energy demands, while also maximising carbon reduction and return on investment.

The output is an automated report that compiles all key results, including a twenty-year cash flow and in-depth background information about each technology. From the report, it becomes clear where efforts should be focused to achieve the maximum cost and carbon savings. It has been recognised through various awards, winning the ‘Best Energy Reduction Product’ award in 2017 and being nominated for the ‘Best Industry Innovator’ award at Solar and Storage Live in 2019.”

Most recently, OnGen have been nominated for the Innovation of the Year at the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2020 and shortlisted for the Smart Energy System Award in the British Renewable Energy Awards.

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