What will be the impact of Electric Vehicle Charging on my Business?

Prior to expanding or introducing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points at your business, it’s essential to evaluate the electrical demands, associated electricity costs, and carbon emissions. Our Electric Charger Calculator is designed to aid you in making a financially informed decision about installing EV chargers

With this tool, you have the flexibility to input various factors such as the quantity, capacity, and installation expenses of the chargers. This enables you to calculate the potential return on investment, ensuring you make a choice that aligns both with your financial goals and environmental commitments.

3 Simple Steps to Your Electric Charger Result…

  1. Watch the short ‘How-To’ instruction video.
  2. Enter your EV Charger Details in the form.
  3. Get the result for your EV Charger kWh and costs.

Following the results, get a full EV Charger system report to your email including the electrical requirements, carbon footprint impact in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, and the commercial impact in £ pounds.

See an example of our Electric Charger Report email.

With a single payment, you get unlimited access to the calculator and can receive as many email reports as necessary for a year.

This is the instruction video for Calculator

Only £ 20.00 + VAT

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What Happens Now?

  1. You will be directed to PayPal for the payment process. No payment details are taken or recorded on this website.
  2. Once payment is complete, you will be redirected to the calculator, and sent an email with your access password and VAT receipt.
  3. You will need details of your business electricity use for 12 months and connection size from your electricity bill.
  4. If you have any questions please email info@BryceEnergyServices.com or make an appointment to chat.
  5. Visit our Free Online Training Courses and learn about carbon footprint, solar panels, EV charging, and energy management.
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