What will be the impact of Electric Vehicle Charging on my Business?

Before you consider or increase the number of EV chargers at you business, you must consider the electricial requirements, electricity costs, and carbon emissions.

This Electric Charger Calculator will enable you to make a financial assesment of installing electric chargers. You can select the number, size and installation cost of the chargers to determine the possible payback. 

3 Simple Steps to Your Electric Charger Result…

  1. Watch the short ‘How-To’ instruction video.
  2. Enter your EV Charger Details in the form below.
  3. Get the result for your EV Charger kWh and costs.

Allow yourself 20 to 30 minutes to complete the steps.

A link will be sent to your email so you can directly use this online electric charger calculator as often as you like over 3 months.

Following the results, get a full EV Charger system report to your email including the electrical requirements, carbon footprint impact in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, and the commercial impact in £ pounds.

See an example of our Electric Charger Report email.

This is the instruction video for the EV Charger Calculator

£25.00 + VAT for 3 months unlimited use including all Email Reports

For one payment, you can use the calculator as often as you like and have as many email reports as you need for 3 months. This will allow you time to develop your numbers and understand the variables of the calculator.