Our mission for the year 2021, with our expert partners, The Energy Check, is to remove 2,021 tonnes of CO2e a year from North East and Yorkshire businesses by changing their electricity contract to a Green Electricity Contract.

Electricity use by businesses will increase in the coming years. This increase will be primarly due to the electricifiation of heating systems and vehicles, both those of the business and employees own cars. Of course a growing business is also going to consume more electricity which may be partly offset by greater operational efficiency.

This campaign is about encouraging businesses in the North East and Yorkshire to take the quick win step of changing their electricity supply contract from a standard supply to a green renewable supply.

How are the numbers calculated

Based on the average elelctricity consumption for a typical business in the UK being 35,000 kWh each year and from the UK Government Greenhouse gas conversion factors for 2020 that 1,000 kWh is equaivalent to 0.233 tonnes of CO2e, we need 248 businesses!

How to Join the Go Green Campaign

Very easy, complete the contact form, e-mail or call us, say that your business wishes to Go Green and we will be happy to take you through the steps to a Green electricity contract.

You can arrange a new green business electricity contract over a year before your current electricity contract expires. This provides both financial cost protection and an estimate of your business carbon reduction in tCO2e.

For those looking for 100% renewable Green Home electricity, we recommend Scottish Power as we get a credit on our bill for each person that signs up!

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How many tCO2e can your Business save?

The graph below provides a scale of how many tonnes of carbon dixoide equivalent gas your business could save each year, depending of course on how many units of electricity your business uses in a year.

An average business uses 35,000 kWh of electricty a year, therefore on a green electricity contract would save 8 tCO2e! A large Spa hotel may use +500,000 kWh a year which would take a very large chunk from the target tCO2 emissions, over 117 tCO2e.

Thinking of adding an electric vehicle charger? A standard 7kW charger in use only 50% of working time may equate to 6,500 kWh, and they normally come in pairs.

About this Campaign

This campaign is a promotion by both Bryce Energy Services and The Energy Check businesses. A commission is paid by the Energy Suppliers for any electricity contract entered into by businesses contracted with that Energy Supplier which was facilitated by The Energy Check. See the terms and conditions of The Energy Check for more information.

What the Go Green Campaign is going to achieve;

Ideally every business in the North East and Yorshire to have a green electricity contract with their supply coming from renewable and sustainable energy sources. The reality is that the electricty supply is a mix of sources depending on a number of factors like, time of year, weather and availability.
The goal of the campaign is to reduce future emissions from businesses by 2,021 tCO2e by the end of 2021. This equates to 8,680,000 kWh of electricity. The average business SME uses 35,000 kWh in a year which means we need over 248 businesses to Go Green!

Keeping Track of 2,021 tCO2e Target

Right is a simple bar graph target describing the current status of the Go Green campaign. We’ve just started, formally January 2021, so it’s Zero! Hopefully we will get some quick wins early 2021 to get moving.

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Find below a section of our training videos which will help your business understand green energy contracts and carbon dioxide reporting.

And once you Go Green…..

It’s then time to talk about energy efficiency measures, staff training and development, carbon emission reporting requirements SECR, carbon neutrality planning, energy measurement systems and energy management systems to ISO 50001! Explore our site for all your efficiency options.

About The Energy Check

The Energy Check, head office based in South Shields, Tyne and Wear, are professional to their energy-saving fingertips, and are wholly reliable partner. They will work closely with your business to help you find the right business Green electricity energy tariff, and they can also help with your business gas and water energy contract procurement.
Lewis Ashall at The Energy Check is leading the Go Green and The Energy Check contract team for this campaign. They will search their partner energy suppliers and find a green electricity contract for your business. They will confirm the details of the ‘Green’ contract and explain the commercial terms and how R.E.G.O. applies.
Send Email to Lewis at The Energy Check

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