Understand your Half Hourly (HH) Electricity Meter Data and model changes.

Congratulation on the purchase of the data spreadsheet for the analysis of your HH data. If you have found this page and not yet purchased the data spreadsheet click here to start – HH Data Spreadsheet

With this tool, you have the flexibility to input various factors and understand the output in terms of your real energy costs per kWh.

3 simple steps to review your Half Hourly Data…

  1. Watch the ‘How-To’ instruction videos.
  2. Enter your Half Hourly data into the Spreadsheet.
  3. Add the new systems to show the impact.

You will need details of your business electricity supply and bills for the past 12 months to complete some of the fields in the spreadsheet.

Contact your energy supplier to request the Half Houly data, ideally for the last full calendar year, or at least the last 12 months as you will need to enter the data from January to December.

See our energy reports from the data spreadsheet – Reference Projects

Watch all 5 of the Training Video Presentations to help with the Data Spreadsheet.

What Happens Now?

  1. You will need your business electricity half hourly data from your Supplier and connection size, and rates, from your electricity bill.
  2. If you have any questions please email info@BryceEnergyServices.com or make an appointment to chat.
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