No one person can know everything or be able to provide all solutions a business needs. Working with our partner companies we look to provide as broad a range of services to your business.

We can work with our partners in different ways depending on the needs of your business. We can act as project manager and directly engage our partner on your behalf or provide a simple referral to our partners service.

The Energy Check

Expert consultants for all your commercial electricty, gas and water energy supply contracts.


For real time, detailed, energy measurement of your electricity, gas and water, throughout your buildings.

Pentagon Assurance

ISO Business System Consultants, Energy Auditors and SHEQ Advisors for your business.


Experts with in-depth industry knowledge helping  businesses reduce carbon footprint and secure energy supply

Hydro Genie

For new and exisitng hot water heating systems to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions by up to 40%.

Genius Energy Lab

Provide Ground Source Heat Pump System design advice, detailed design and training services to the large commercial building, large residential and social housing construction supply chain..

Do you want to know more about how Bryce Energy Services can help reduce your carbon footprint?