Improve the efficiency, reduce costs and energy consumption on wet heating.

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Using equipment provided by our partner  Hydro Genie , we can provide, help install and reduce carbon emissions from your business. The Hydro Genie System is an enhanced heat transfer modifier. Most of us have central heating systems that burn natural fossil fuels in our homes or premises.

Using proven, patented technology, a Hydro Genie System dramatically improves the heat transfer to the circulating water In your central heating. Fitted alongside an existing boiler, it reduces the amount of fuel your heating system uses, which leads to lower carbon emissions, warmer homes and much lower heating bills.

Businesses and organisations are under increasing pressure to reduce energy consumption and reduce harmful CO2emissions. Yet the UK uses more energy for heating than for generating electricity or running its transport system. Decarbonising the built environment just got a lot easier with our Hydro Genie Commercial System.

install Timelapse video

This is a timelapse video taken in November 2021 of Jim installing a hydro genie system on my own domestic gas boiler!

The Hydro Genie Commercial System is an enhanced heat transfer modifier. Working alongside commercial heating and hot water systems, it improves heat transfer which reduces carbon emissions and running costs. Installed as a retrofit to an existing system or as part of a new boiler house installation, it is compatible with all types of on-site Building Management System.

Hydro Genie Systems can be installed in most private sector properties and public sector buildings – including offices, hospitals, schools, health and social care facilities and defence buildings. Systems from 28mm – 200mm are available.

Fitting a Hydro Genie System alongside an existing heating system will:

  • Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 39%*.
  • Increase the lifespan of heating system components including pipes.
  • Reduce ongoing heating and cooling system maintenance costs.
  • Provide up to 40% more heat from radiators.

*As shown in tests carried out by Strathclyde Eco-Innovation Unit in Castlehead secondary school Paisley. See our case study for more information and results.