Measure your energy use from multiple locations and departments.

Using equipment provided by our partner MY ZeERO, we can provide, help install and provide expert review of the energy usage (electricity, gas and water) used by your business over the course of a day, week and year. Using this energy data, energy savings can be readily identified, in particular out of business hours energy use and peak demand time that can be levelled.

The goal is that by simply measuring the business energy use, up to 20% of the energy may be saved by simply better understanding how energy is used within the business.

This measurement system is ideal for your business if you intend an energy management system as ISO 50001 and set energy reduction targets including emissions of Carbon Dioxide by your Business.

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My Zero Energy Measurement

The MY ZeERO Equipment is located near, ideally beside the business electricity distribution board. ​Each circuit on the distribution board, single phase or three phase, has a clamp current transformer attached, close to the MCB.There is no requirement to switch the electricity power off during installation.

(A qualified electrician should complete the installation works)The clamp CTs are then connected to the MY ZeERO box and each data point configured and grouped according to the requirements of your business.

Below are some examples of the system installed for a standard 3 phase distribution board. Contact us for help with your measurement system specifications.

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