Stop burning fossil fuels, replace your system with an air, ground, or water source heat pump.

Bryce Energy Systems have applied their expertise to select the best partners in the industry to deliver simple and complex energy solutions for their clients. The team at Genius Energy Lab have been designing Ground Source Heat Pump systems for over 20 years and consider themselves the best at what they do. In partnership with Bryce Energy Services, they provide Ground Source Heat Pump System design advice, detailed design and training services to the large commercial building, large residential and social housing construction supply chain.

They leverage the performance sweet spots of available technologies including Ground Source Heat Pumps, Biomass, Combined Heat and Power, Wind and Solar. More importantly Genius Energy Lab design solutions allowing them to work together optimally from a commercial and performance perspective.

Genius Energy Lab have extensive expertise in both Closed and Open Loop Systems, we work with all stakeholders in the supply chain from Large End User Developers and Manufacturers through to specialist M&E Contractors, Consultants and Housing Associations.

Operating in multiple areas with propositions tailored to meet each individual customer’s requirements. Genius Energy Lab mission is to

“become the global leader in Ground Source Heat Pump System Design for Medium, Large and Complex Energy Systems.”