Powerstar is a market-leading smart energy solution provider, designing, manufacturing, and delivering advanced engineering solutions for specialist applications. The company’s vision focuses on helping clients solve unique energy problems affecting their business, and Powerstar’s expertise enables a fully bespoke solution to be delivered to meet the client’s goals.With continued commitment and investment into research and development, Powerstar is at the forefront of engineering excellence within the energy industry. This has led Powerstar to become a leading provider of advanced behind-the-meter battery energy storage applications to provide complete power resilience with area-wide uninterruptible powers supply (UPS), and support companies on their path to Net Zero. This is increasingly important in a world reliant on rapid electrification and digitalisation.

Powerstar deliver the four core elements of the energy flexibility and enable organisations to thrive throughout and beyond into a flexible power future.

  1. Efficiency – Improving efficiency will reduce business’ overall energy consumption, CO2 emissions and electricity costs which can be reinvested into core businesses activities
  2. Flexibility – Controlling energy usage and maximising existing generation or deploying additional generation provides greater energy flexibility and lessens reliance from the grid
  3. Resilience – Power resilience delivered by energy storage with full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities can protect from costly energy-related failures.
  4. Insights – Smart technologies with integrated online remote monitoring enables continuous analysis for ongoing insights and improvements.

Powerstar’s 1MW Virtue Battery Storage System

The 1MW VIRTUE was installed with full UPS capabilities with a less than 20ms engage time should the company need to rely on stored energy when a power outage occurred.This particular client was suffering from interruptions to their manufacturing process caused by site-wide blackouts, which had significant financial consequences with regard to spoiled materials.

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