Adjust you power supply into your business to reduce costs.

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EnergyAce are a specialist manufacturer of solutions designed specifically to reduce energy consumption and reduce demand of a clients electrical system, the company offers both manufactured solutions and services around energy reduction and compliance.  EnergyAce is unique and encompasses a number of proven technologies, patented products and services as detailed below:

  • Remote Metering & Monitoring Solutions
  • Power Factor Correction (Capacitor Banks)
  • Voltage Management Systems (Voltage Stabilisers & Optimisers)
  • Surge Suppression & Lighting Protection
  • Harmonic Filtration Systems (AHF)
  • Renewable Technologies & Battery Storage Systems  
  • Power / Load Surveys
Energy Management Efficiency

One or more of the above solutions can be implemented to achieve significant energy savings, the main benefits of EnergyAce are detailed below:

  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Improves efficiency
  • Removes penalties and excess charges on electricity bills
  • Reduces a sites maximum demand
  • Reduces circuit currents
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Controls voltage levels
  • Reduces harmonic distortion
  • Protects machines and appliances

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