Will you get the promised returns from your Solar?

This calculator will enable you to quickly make both an electrical and financial assesment of installing solar panels.  By simply selecting the number and power of the panels you can determine the potential output power and return on your investment.

This calculator is tuned for small and domestic scale, less than 6 kW of solar power which is more than enough for most houses and micro business. If you are looking to install a commercial sized system visit our commercial solar panel output calculator.

3 Simple Steps to Your Solar Panel Result…

  1. Watch the short ‘How-To’ instruction video.
  2. Enter your Solar Project Details in the form below.
  3. Get the result for your solar output kWh and savings.

Allow yourself 15 to 20 minutes to complete the steps.

For a small fee, after completion, get a copy of your solar panel report to your email including the electrical savings, carbon footprint impact in tonnes of carbon dioxide, financial impact in £ pounds, and payback!

This is the instruction video for the Domestic Solar Calculator.

See a PDF example of our domestic Solar Panel Report Email.

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