Training of staff is key for your business to achieve NetZero.

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Customised Workshops to topics you want.

Our customised training workshops may be presented in person or online to deliver a defined presentation and set deliverables.  These workshops based around topics of specific interest to your business are ideal to train your staff to get an understanding of a topic.

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Alternative, try our set online training courses on THINKIFIC, and receive a completion certificate.

Training Energy Carbon

Demonstrate your Business Commitment to your NetZero Plan with Formal Training.

Enroll All your Staff (and Clients, and Suppliers!) for our  Online Training Courses to prove to your stakeholders, that your business is really committed, and actually acting to achieve the target of NetZero!

Understand Electricity Use in a Business

This course describes how energy and electricity is used in business and provides suggestions for energy management and reduction.

Carbon Footprint and NetZero

This course is about Carbon Footprint for business and how to measure a business carbon footprint to Accounting protcol using UK conversion.

What is 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide?

This course sets the basics and describes what 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide actually is and use practical examples of energy use.

These are formal courses on the Thinkific training platform. Ideal if you wish to train all your staff on energy and carbon footprint topics to achieve your NetZero ambitions.  Arrange an appointment to discuss how you may demonstrate your business NetZero commitment with staff training.

Follow the links to expore our expert services and fantastic online calculators.

Energy Carbon Footprint training
Carbon Footprint offsets
Electric Charger Calculator for Business
Solar Panel Calculator ROI
Carbon Footprint Calculator Management
ISO 50001 Energy Management System
Carbon Footprint

Make a no-obligation appointment to chat about your business NetZero ambitions.